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Project Implementation Support Services


After selecting an EU-funded project, Proefekt Inovo can assist project management and staff of the lead applicants and their partners. ProEfekt can help you with the details of negotiating and signing the agreement with the donor program, setting up the project structure and defining dynamic implementation plans, to help in monitoring the implementation of project activities, application of administrative - financial rules and procedures, preparation of financial and program notifications, making a mid-term and final assessment of performance and closing the project. 

Specifically, Proefekt's experts provide the following services to facilitate the implementation of projects:

  • Defining the conditions of the grant agreement with the grant program (includes detailed project activities, time frame and budget)

  • Preparation of the necessary documentation for signing the Grant Agreement;

  • Preparation of a detailed action plan for the implementation of project activities - monthly, quarterly and annually

  • Development of a project monitoring and evaluation plan

  • Defining work tasks and recruiting staff to all positions in the project

  • Acting according to the administrative-financial procedures during the implementation of the project;

  • Support in public procurement procedures according to PRAG procedures (or procedures of other donors)

  • Checking the tender documentation and/or the content of tender calls for services/equipment/work performance, depending on the case;

  • Analysis and action for the prevention of risks that could threaten the successful implementation of the project;

  • Facilitating communication between the organization and other relevant entities, including the donor program/contracting authority;

  • Use/Purchase of software application/s for support in project management

  • Preparation of program and narrative progress reports (monthly, quarterly, annual) and final report

  • Support in processing payments to clients, partner organizations

  • Support in the management of smaller grants awarded by the main applicant within the project

  • Other activities for the prevention of challenges in the implementation of a grant project

  • For additional information, you can contact us at phone: 070 355 095 or at the e-mail address

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