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Our Areas of Expertise

Using one or a combination of our 12 core workplace training areas of expertise, we design learning experiences to support the achievement of personal and business goals. The PROEFEKT draws on the experience of our wide network of consultants, with more than 15 years of experience  in each area of expertise to build learning and development programmes that can be delivered consistently to the clients.

1.Planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects/ programs

2. Strategic planning and management 

3. Improving organizational sustainability and securing funding from local sources

4. Social Entrepreneurship

5. Effective Corporate Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility

6. Skills for conducting meetings, training, facilitation and consultancy work


7. Effective communication and teamwork

8. Development of innovation and creativity

9. Leadership and management skills

10. Negotiations skills and sales

11. Partnership, collaboration, advocacy and lobbying

12. Effectiveness of the foundations and re-granting programs