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The first nine-week long Grant Academy completed 

Last week, on April 22, 2021, the 9 week long Grant Academy for preparation and writing of project proposals for grants, led by Zoran Stojkovski from Project Inovo, ended. 14 participants spent a total of 18 two hours sessions + 4 individual mentoring one-on-one classes, and made and submitted 10 completed project proposals (5 for Fund for Innovation, 3 for IPA II and 2 more for other grant calls). Certificates were awarded to 12 participants from the business sector, civil society organizations and the public sector (health and education).

The participants of the Grant Academy are supported throughout the period in the development of a whole project proposal, through 2-hour sessions organized twice a week. In addition, 1-on-1 mentoring sessions provide direct assistance in improving the text, structure, or budget of the project proposal.

A period of 9 weeks is sufficient to complete the entire project proposal and to apply for grant funding. Participants receive a project proposal with which they can receive a grant worth 5,000 euros up to several hundred thousand euros.



These are some of the statements made by the participants in the first Grant Academy:

"Rarely professionally organized training, the unprecedented commitment of the trainer, endless patience for discussion and explanation, motivation and support in every phase of the work. I REALLY RECOMMEND THE GRANT ACADEMY"

                                                                                                       Aspasija Hadzice, Former EU Adviser in Ministry of Education


"With a good mentor, any project is possible"

       Andrijana Nikolovski, Association Euromobility

"The training was a very positive experience for me, discovering a new world of possibilities"

                                  Srebra Gjorgjijevska, journalist

"If you want to gain skills, new knowledge, ability and practical experience for making a complete grant project proposal, PROEFECT INNOVO is the right place for you !!!"

 Irena Krajceska, Public Health Inst. Makedonski Brod

"The academy allowed me to get acquainted with the way of preparing projects that can be used without receiving a GRANT (we will find a way to finance). The importance of the narrative part in writing is the biggest + for me. In any case, I consider this as the best INVESTMENT in personal education. "

                                                                    Dimitar Nikov, Inter-Eurogenex DOO

Apply for the next Grant Academy (May 20-July 12, 2021) HERE