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Project Planing and Management

Within the category of services for Planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects /programs, ProEfekt provides: 

  • Training and consulting services for each group of responsibilities in development and management of project proposals. In specific:

  • Identification of the Call for proposals (CfP), Request for Application (RfA) or Request for Project (RfP) for Grants, or appropriate tender procedures.

  • Defining topic for development of the project proposal

  • Development of Calendar for writing application for project proposal

  • Situational and Problem Analysis, and gathering data (desk top research) for key problem

  • Logical Framework Development

  • Finding partners for the project

  • Training/mentorship or consulting services for writing of all parts of the project application

  • Gant chart development – Development of detailed plan of activities

  • Identification/head-hunting and Recruitment of the personnel for project implementation

  • Development of CV/Biography in required format of the donor agencies

  • Budget development and narrative description of the budget categories

  • Development of the project references

  • Support in filling out various formats (central register, Bank, etc.)

  • Packing of the entire project application and hand-over on required address

  • Getting PIC, PADOR and registering in ECAS, as well as on-line submission of the project proposal (i.e. through PROSPECT system)

  • Administrative-financial procedures (PRAG)

  • Training/consulting support of the personnel for project implementation

  • Training/consulting support for monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation of the project


Besides Logical Framework Approach as main project methodology, PROEFEKT prepares project proposal using „Result Based Management” и „Theory of Change Approch “, etc.

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