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4 participants of the Training for preparation of EU&US project proposals in Bitola, 13-14 February 2018

Bitola, Macedonia

- „Great knowledge for the content from the trainer, excellent practical experience and professional skills. It is important that support continues after the training! “
-„Excellent caonsultant, with big knowledge, like a project encyclopedia. Very good approach to all of us “ 
- „Definitely helps to make methods and terminology more understandable and to have overview of the topic “
- „After this training, a person feels more secure that can succeed in the civil society area and with grants “

Statement of the particiopants of the Training for preparation of Erasmus+ projects in December 2017- January 2018

Skopje, Macedonia

„I have been to many training courses in my career, but I have never received so many valuable information, like those in last two days training in ProEfekt “ 
Statement of the teacher in the Primary School from Kumanovo participant in the training delivered on 1-2 December 2017 .

„Why we have not meet earlier!? We need exactly this type of the trainings from ProEfekt to get more funding from projects needed to personnel and students in our high school!!!“
Statement of the director of State Secondary School from Skopje in the training delivered on 23-24 December 2017

Statement of the particiopants of the Advanced Training for preparation of EU projects delivered on 16-17 January 2018

Скопје, Македонија

- „Excellent experience, beautiful approach of the trainer, very direct, I have felt that we are one big family!!! 
- „ProEfekt, you are the best!“
- „Detailed explication of the topics, very good knowledge about project preparation, nice presentation and easy approachability “  

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