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ProEfekt is consultancy organization, with primarily focus on getting clear results in the client's organizations. We accomplish this through training, consultancy, facilitation, mentoring or business coaching, as well as outsourcing of the client's fundraising activities to ProEfekt. We want to be perceived by the market place as the organization that gets things done fast and as being especially effective in generating excellent results which are  long-lasting.

Our slogan “sustainability of (not-for) profits and public institutions” plays an important role within Proefekt INOVO, because we always find innovative solutions that contribute to sustainability of our clients.


Every day we commit ourselves to seven core values to which we hold each other accountable.

  • Focus towards achieving tangible results out of every activities and services provided to clients 

  • Responsibility sticking to our agreements and turning talking into doing.

  • Professionalism providing services to our declared standard beyond circumstances.

  • Partnership open to other actors in the society

  • Innovation and creative solutions in every product we offer  to clients

  • Integrated and sustainable solutions, that secure results from work to address all important influencing factors and to last as long as possible after intervention

  • Social Responsibility towards local community’s individuals and groups who are discriminated, with lack of resources for normal life and functioning and/or those with needs for needs for help