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About The Founder

Zoran Stojkovski has more than 20 years of experience working as management consultant and managing various international and local grant-giving and development programs funded by USAID, EU, SDC, multilateral and bilateral donors, with strong experience in areas of social Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility  and Philanthropy, Civil Society, Community Development, as well as Organizational Sustainability, Project Management, Local Fundraising and Grant Giving Programs.

He is founder and CEO of PROEFEKT INOVO, consulting organization established in March 2015.

In his career, Zoran was working for 7 years for USAID programme for civil society development (DNP Macedonia), on various positions (Programme officer, Grant Coordinator and Programme Manager). From 2004 till 2014 he was Executive Director of local intermediary support organization, managing annual budgets in range between 1 and 1.8. million Euros and supervising team of almost 20 full time staff members with different ethnic and religious background.

Zoran was managing and delivering various capacity building interventions (trainings, facilitation, coaching, mentoring, etc), as well as many researches, analysis and program evaluations for more than 300 CSOs, public institutions and companies in Macedonia and SEE. Some of the seminars and trainings for local CSOs, government officials or business sector employees, on an array of topics ranging from “Strategic planning”, “Project Cycle Management”, ”Result Based Management” , “Program Monitoring and Evaluation”, “Fundraising and Financial Sustainability”; “Cross-sectoral partnerships”; “Advocacy and Lobbying” ,”Improvement Quality of services provided by public institutions”, “Business Planning”; “CSR and Strategic Corporate Philanthropy” “Negotiations and Sales”  etc.

He poses postgraduate certificate from London Metropolitan University in Area of Donor Development Practices, in bigger extent were focused on international practices in donor/grants programs that correspond with needs of beneficiaries as well as with the context. In the moment he is finalizing second master program in Human Resource Management (expected completion in December 2016) on State University in Skopje.



Our team of trainers and consultants is comprised of experts with more than 15 years of experience working in international organizations and programs. We also engage young, motivated and proactive experienced people in our office interested for gaining knowledge and experience in provision support to our clients.

PROEFEKT in the moment works with team of 4 externally engaged consultants, responsible for covering public and tailored trainings. In addition PROEFEKT has roster of more than 20 experts, trainers and consultants in different areas of expertise, that are being engaged for implementation of consultancy tasks and projects.  

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