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1. Trainings for Development and Implementation of the Projects

Includes several trainings in each phase of the project cycle:

  • EU&US Project Proposal Development (2 days)

  • Development of ERASMUS+ projects (2 days)

  • Advanced Level of Writing Project Proposal Application (3 days)  

  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation (2 days)

  • Project Budgeting and financial project management (2 days)

  • Administrative –Financial Procedures (i.e. PRAG) of grant programs (2 days)

  • Result Based Management (3 days)

2. Strategic Planning and Management

It is a offer for facilitation of the process of long term organizational startegy development or creation of the sector strategy. It is consisted of following trainings:

  • Process of development of Strategic Plan (3 days x 2)

  • Development and implementation of the Plan for Change Management (2 days)

  • Development of the Annual Plan and Budget (2 days)

  • Annual Plan Monitoring and Evaluation (2 days)

  • Development of the part or entire strategy in specific area  (2 days)a

3. Improving organizational sustainability and securing funding from local sources

This group of trainings enables you to have strategic approach in securing local resources. Those are the trainings we offer:

  • Planning and implementation of annual plan for funding for non-profit organizations (2 x 2 days)

  • Preparation of the Strategy for Program, Institutional and Financial Sustainability of the non-profit organizations ( 3 + 1 days)

  • Securing good donor relations ( 2 days)

  • Implementation of the provisions of the Law for donations and sponsorships and Public Areas  in R. of Macedonia ( 1 day)

  • Organizing fundraising events (silent auctions, ruffles, gala dinners, telethons, etc. ) ( 3 days)

  • Increasing and activating members in associations ( 2 days)

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